Integrated Vehicle GPS Tracking & Video Telematics


Real time driver coaching tools take a proactive approach to safety by reporting video, harsh braking, aggressive cornering, and severe acceleration. This gives you the ability to correct undesirable driver behavior in real time.

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Our tools are the key to lowering fuel usage, decreasing idle time, and getting live updates on optimal routes. You'll see lower costs, less frustration, shorter trip times, and you'll be helping the environment.

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Are you looking for a mileage by state solution for IFTA reporting or the latest easy solution for your drivers with ELD's? We've got you covered with the best solutions in the industry.

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We can make dealing with your insurance company fast and painless. Our clients see up to a 40% reduction in claims cost, along with lower legal fees, and much faster case resolution times.

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Here's what we do for your specific industry...

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